About me

Structures evolve.


Biological systems have elegant and meaningful structures. Biomimicry is the design philosophy to design high-performance artificial structures. However, engineering should be able to derive elegant structures similar to biological structures without mimicry. I aim to design beautiful structures that are outstanding performance and surpassed the biological structures.


Material engineer, focus on composites and 3D printing. Research associate of Nihon University. Born in 1996, Japan. Experienced material development planning team in Mitsubishi motors by 2020. Received master's degree in Eng. from Nihon university in 2022. I received Ph.D from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the university of Tokyo, in 2024. I published several research papers and proceedings of international conferences. I teach some lectures in Nihon university, including mechanical design and drawing, fundamental experiments about analog computing.
Awards and grants
001. Top award-winning PhD category technical paper of the 2021 (Award, 2022, SAMPE, U.S.)
002. Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up (Grant-in-aid, 2022-2023, KAKEN-HI, Japan)
003. Grant-in-Aid from Amano Institute of Technology (Grant-in-aid, 2023-2024, Amano Institute, Japan)

Research interests

Active soft matter
Design and investigation for the responsive materials, including hydromorph materials and dielectric elastmers.
Scientific simulation
Structural, thermal, electrical, or cross-disciplinary analysis with ABAQUS and FEniCS in python.
Field optimization
Field-based optimization including a topology optimization based on multidisciplinary physics.
3D printing
Developing hard- and software for 3D printing, including custom 3D printers and g-code generators.
Mechanics of composites
Material mechanics for composites, including damage mechanics, structural analysis, and integrity.